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Heading home for Christmas
Big dos and little dos and I'm heading back to Lancashire for Christmas. I'm packing lots of warm things - it's pretty  cold up there right now, things in the garage have frozen. Also sensible boots for the Main Attraction back home which is dog walking.

I'm travelling up tonight and shall be back in the city on the 27th, I'll no doubt see you all on the internet....

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Safe journey, see you at the Globe on the 3rd, if not before!

Thanks for all your hard work on BR and brilliant GMing, m'lovely! New Year coffee in order, I think. Xx

Couldn't tempt you down to Preston/Blackburn for a beer dude? I'm up here until Boxing Day at least. :)

Och, I've just seen this note (how very remiss of me). Hope you had a good Christmas, would have been good to meet for a beer, next time or soon?

Yeah, it was a good one. Enjoyed the snow and the quiet retreat from real life, very refreshing!

Next time for sure. :)


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