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Waiting for the long reign of winter to be over, having forgotten the long reign of last year. I saw this on my walk to the post office (amongst other things I take the post at the end of the "office" day, before the theatre day has really begun). Blossom in the light of the neon.

There's crocuses too, purple ones, edging their way up out of the earth. Days getting longer, moment by moment. I'm waiting for the heat of the sun to catch up with the increasing light.

I'm still in full throttle head down not-quite-panic at work. Too much to do, not enough people/money/time to do it in and everyone getting more and more nervous and jumpy as the clock ticks down to the ACE decision date.

I don't feel that I've properly stopped since Christmas and then I really did stop - I have a dim memory of lying on my parent's sofa, drinking a lot of hot toddies and feeling like death warmed up. Moral: don't stop?

I've had to take a break from writing KING for Bad Rep because I just can't seem to get the headspace to deliver something good enough - the plot feels a bit loose and meandering and I need much longer than random lunchbreaks in order to write creatively. Much harder than "what I did" style blogging - I need to invent AND write content!

I am doing quite well at my own personal take on alchemy, which I will write something more cohesive when I get (ha ha ha) time. At the moment I'm doing Earth. I'm gaining more earth inspiration than is probably sensible from Avatar the animated series. But you know, reality is what you make of it and all that.

Finally, my bi-weekly Changeling game is still going strong and I'm surprising myself with my ability to shape the story as we go along.

And I wonder where the time goes?


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