I'm back, almost three years after I left. Mostly for fic purposes but I'm sure other reasons will become obvious.


How've you been?

Flat move - Revenge of the Flat move

Flat move is scheduled to begin from 11am tomorrow Tooting Standard Time.


We're in all day so please come and collect.

Anyone who can spare a few hours would be much appreciated, we've got a rather complicated move involving taking furniture to both of our parents houses. Fortunately the wonderful, yet sadly currently homeless, invisible_al has offered car to assist kangeiko in her side of that saga and I have Dad plus Brother plus Van.

Internet goes down at some point tomorrow, and not restored until May 25 despite my wheedling at 02.

Catch you at the flatwarming, if not before.

Furniture for sale

Following on from the Graphic Novel sale kangeiko and I also have furniture to shift:
  • Green futon, made from solid wood (2m long, 1,5m when bed, seats three as sofa, large double when flat) - easy to put up and down £150
  • Microwave, good as new £20
  • Black IKEA tall bookcase (60cm wide, 28cm deep, 190cm high) £30
  • Black IKEA tall bookcase (80cm wide, 30cm deep, 2m high) with bottom drawer £30
  • Black tall bookcase (60cm 36cm deep 194 high) £30
  • Brown black wood veneer wardrobe (102cm wide, 188cm tall, 52cm deep, with two drawers at the bottom) with matching chest of drawers (3 drawers) £80 wardrobe, £50 drawers
  • Gorgeous Large black solid ash table, seats 6 comfortably, extends to seat 8-10. 8 Matchng black chairs. (78cm high, 172cm long, 102cm wide) £200 
  • Small two drawer bedside table / small chest of drawers in pale ash wood veneer £30
  • Solid pine chest of drawers £75
  • Pale pink patterned armchair £45
  • Dark brown solid wood John Lewis slatted double bed (£400 new) £100
You will need to come and collect it from Tooting in the next week or so.

Graphic novels for sale

X-posted from kangeiko 

House move is soon - woo!
We are selling some graphic novels, list and prices below.
Please let me know if you want them, and can come collect.

Rising Stars: Born in Fire (J Michael Straczynski)
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (Frank Miller)
Preacher Vol 1: Gone to Texas (Garth Ennis)
Justice Society of America: Thy Kingdom Come (HC) Part 1 (Geoff Johns)
DC Identity Crisis (Brad Meltzer)

Supreme Power: Nighthawk (Daniel Way)
The Boys Vol 1: The Name of the Game (Garth Ennis)
The Boys Vol 2: Get Some (Garth Ennis)
The Boys Vol 3: Good for the Soul (Garth Ennis)

Sam & Twitch Book One: Udaku (Brian Michael Bendis)

Durham Red: The Vermin Stars (Dan Abnett)
Kinetic (Kelley Puckett)
Eternals (Neil Gaiman)
Crossing Midnight: Cut Here (Mike Carey)
Girls Vol 1: Conception (The Luna Brothers)
X-Men Fairy Tales
Books of Magic: Summonings (John Ney Rieber)
Exit Wounds (HC) (Rutu Modan)
Lenore: Cooties (Roman Dirge)
The Umbrella Academy Vol 1 (HC): Apocalypse Suite (Gerard Way)

Hellraiser Vol 1 (Clive Barker)
The Dreaming: Beyond the Shores of Night (Terry LaBan) x 2 copies
The Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Tales (Jon Scieszka)
The Professor's Daughter (Joann Sfar)
The Books of Magic: Bindings (John Ney Rieber)

The Best of ST: TNG (Michael Jan Friedman)
ST: DSN: Emancipation and Beyond
ST: The Modala Imperative (Michael Jan Friedman & Peter David)
ST: DSN Requiem
ST: TNG Beginnings

Also lots of individual issues of The Witching, Gloom Cookie, The run of New Universal, Young Avengers & Runaways Civil War event, Grimm Fairy Tals, Serenity Rose.

We're based in London, so if you - or anyone else you know - wants to snaffle up some graphic novels and comics at bargain prices, send them our way! Cheers.

PS yes, I will be back to the internets once the move is over. Cross your fingers for us!

Things that are concerning me

A bit of a drive-by posting, but I've finally removed my head from the sandpit that is theatre and looked around to see woe blossoming elsewhere. I suppose it might be heartening to think that not only is my own personal empire being screwed over by the current status quo but that we are all in it together*.

So, I am worried. I'm worried about the lack of support for AV, and the frankly terrifying posters that are going up around Wandsworth, funded by the wrong-headed No to AV campaign who seem to be fielding a "don't use this system because Fiji uses it" by-line that doesn't actually make much sense to me, but who knows, maybe Fiji is some sort of by-word for "awful"? Rather than exotic and pleasing to say (go on, say it feee geee). It's something to do with popularity - as if voting systems should be decided on the basis of how many people invite them to their parties.

Crass but entertaining explaination of why AV is a good idea is here.

I'm also worried about tuition fees. Not for me. I'm all educated-up, but you know, I'm trying to move away from my parochial arts-based worries and extend my concern to other areas. Like the future. Where I hope to live one day. And I hope contains people like doctors, teachers and even (fuck it) arts managers. Who all need further education, really. And it would be nice if they could be people who wanted to do it, and who enjoyed doing it rather than simply people who could afford to.

This worry was compounded by the frankly incredulous news that the government is surprised that universities are charging the full amount. Really? Really? At the same time as central funding is cut and we know that there really wasn't enough to start with, it's surprising that universities are going for extra cash?

This notion of "surprise", possibly encouraged by the idea that such a system might be "empowering" for students** leads me to believe that there is a lack of higher education (or perhaps a dictionary) within the current regime. Which whilst leading me to keep quoting famous utterances of linguistic disbelief is very worrying.

Though it would explain a lot.

* It's not. Really.

Home is where...

So, since October kangeiko and I have been suffering from sub-standard living conditions. After a series of fuck-ups and stresses we ended up having to move out of the last place on short notice which, together with money worries, work stress and fitting things in around other committments meant we made a Bad Decision. We didn't really know how bad the decisions was until we'd spent a few weeks in the new place. On paper it looked great, lots of space, near to the tube and a very hands-off landlord. But then the Things began.

Now, this is a First World Problem and no mistake. It's a litany of minor complaints and upsets that in the context of World Hunger, Earthquakes and Boris Johnstone are not that bad. Not life-threatening. But certainly life-worsening. Like a series of low-level sicknesses that mean you never feel well but never take a day off sick.

This flat is like that. A cold that won't go away.

Leaks from the flat above, a temperamental shower, poor lighting, badly placed electrical sockets, no drawers in the tiny kitchen, doors that neither shut nor open, the impossibility of heating a place that size and the cost of doing so (we've worked out it's cheaper to go sit in the pub and nurse a beer for an evening than put on the heating). Stuff didn't work. Paint flaked. Ceilings have strange lines on them.

Then the noise from above. Constant, never ending noise. Mobile phones ringing. Doors slamming. Running up and down the stairs. Chatter of conversation where you can hear every word. The washing machine. Music. Computer games. Drums (yes, drums). Some sort of game which consists of them climbing onto chairs and jumping off - it's my best guess for what is causing the racket. Every day. Until 3am.

I tried talking to them, reasoning with them, begging, shouting, talking to the landlord and finally. We'd had enough.

So once again, we are moving. We sick of living like this and are chucking money we don't have towards a place we can perhaps, maybe, afford but that is just gorgeous. We saw it yesterday and fell in love a little. It's a house, much smaller but a house with a garden and decorated by someone with taste and budget. There are non IKEA furnishings (I know!)

As a consequence, we are selling furniture and probably other things to. This is part to help pay for the new place and part because I am sick and tired of lugging so much stuff around.

So if anyone is round our way and wants some bits and pieces - watch this space.


Waiting for the long reign of winter to be over, having forgotten the long reign of last year. I saw this on my walk to the post office (amongst other things I take the post at the end of the "office" day, before the theatre day has really begun). Blossom in the light of the neon.

There's crocuses too, purple ones, edging their way up out of the earth. Days getting longer, moment by moment. I'm waiting for the heat of the sun to catch up with the increasing light.

I'm still in full throttle head down not-quite-panic at work. Too much to do, not enough people/money/time to do it in and everyone getting more and more nervous and jumpy as the clock ticks down to the ACE decision date.

I don't feel that I've properly stopped since Christmas and then I really did stop - I have a dim memory of lying on my parent's sofa, drinking a lot of hot toddies and feeling like death warmed up. Moral: don't stop?

I've had to take a break from writing KING for Bad Rep because I just can't seem to get the headspace to deliver something good enough - the plot feels a bit loose and meandering and I need much longer than random lunchbreaks in order to write creatively. Much harder than "what I did" style blogging - I need to invent AND write content!

I am doing quite well at my own personal take on alchemy, which I will write something more cohesive when I get (ha ha ha) time. At the moment I'm doing Earth. I'm gaining more earth inspiration than is probably sensible from Avatar the animated series. But you know, reality is what you make of it and all that.

Finally, my bi-weekly Changeling game is still going strong and I'm surprising myself with my ability to shape the story as we go along.

And I wonder where the time goes?

Hi. Miss me?

Right, so the past few comments on my LJ have been spambots, which makes me feel like I've been a bit of a stranger to LJ land. Part of the reason is that I've moved a lot of my Feminist Ranting over to plus I tend to use up my quoto of "and another thing..." via Twitter

And real life has all been a bit busy. Lots of family stuff and going to and fro between here and Preston, plus running a lot of events outside of work - larp, theatre and misc. Then I have been doing my best to get to the gym three times and week. Also, I hear that sleep is quite handy.

Those of you who I don't regularly see in the pub, I do rather miss. So hey, whatsup and is there anything you want to know?


Heading home for Christmas

Big dos and little dos and I'm heading back to Lancashire for Christmas. I'm packing lots of warm things - it's pretty  cold up there right now, things in the garage have frozen. Also sensible boots for the Main Attraction back home which is dog walking.

I'm travelling up tonight and shall be back in the city on the 27th, I'll no doubt see you all on the internet....