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Hi. Miss me?
Right, so the past few comments on my LJ have been spambots, which makes me feel like I've been a bit of a stranger to LJ land. Part of the reason is that I've moved a lot of my Feminist Ranting over to plus I tend to use up my quoto of "and another thing..." via Twitter

And real life has all been a bit busy. Lots of family stuff and going to and fro between here and Preston, plus running a lot of events outside of work - larp, theatre and misc. Then I have been doing my best to get to the gym three times and week. Also, I hear that sleep is quite handy.

Those of you who I don't regularly see in the pub, I do rather miss. So hey, whatsup and is there anything you want to know?

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(Deleted comment)
Yes, email me your avail. for March?

(Deleted comment)
I am looking at March drinkies wise?

(Deleted comment)
Yup, old stomping ground.

I want to know why the birds aren't using the birdfeeder I got for Chirstmas.

But I don't think you can help with that. Anyway, I've e-mailed.

Hmmm - I do not have your email - are you using my old hotmail addy?

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