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Home is where...
So, since October kangeiko and I have been suffering from sub-standard living conditions. After a series of fuck-ups and stresses we ended up having to move out of the last place on short notice which, together with money worries, work stress and fitting things in around other committments meant we made a Bad Decision. We didn't really know how bad the decisions was until we'd spent a few weeks in the new place. On paper it looked great, lots of space, near to the tube and a very hands-off landlord. But then the Things began.

Now, this is a First World Problem and no mistake. It's a litany of minor complaints and upsets that in the context of World Hunger, Earthquakes and Boris Johnstone are not that bad. Not life-threatening. But certainly life-worsening. Like a series of low-level sicknesses that mean you never feel well but never take a day off sick.

This flat is like that. A cold that won't go away.

Leaks from the flat above, a temperamental shower, poor lighting, badly placed electrical sockets, no drawers in the tiny kitchen, doors that neither shut nor open, the impossibility of heating a place that size and the cost of doing so (we've worked out it's cheaper to go sit in the pub and nurse a beer for an evening than put on the heating). Stuff didn't work. Paint flaked. Ceilings have strange lines on them.

Then the noise from above. Constant, never ending noise. Mobile phones ringing. Doors slamming. Running up and down the stairs. Chatter of conversation where you can hear every word. The washing machine. Music. Computer games. Drums (yes, drums). Some sort of game which consists of them climbing onto chairs and jumping off - it's my best guess for what is causing the racket. Every day. Until 3am.

I tried talking to them, reasoning with them, begging, shouting, talking to the landlord and finally. We'd had enough.

So once again, we are moving. We sick of living like this and are chucking money we don't have towards a place we can perhaps, maybe, afford but that is just gorgeous. We saw it yesterday and fell in love a little. It's a house, much smaller but a house with a garden and decorated by someone with taste and budget. There are non IKEA furnishings (I know!)

As a consequence, we are selling furniture and probably other things to. This is part to help pay for the new place and part because I am sick and tired of lugging so much stuff around.

So if anyone is round our way and wants some bits and pieces - watch this space.


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