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Furniture for sale
Following on from the Graphic Novel sale kangeiko and I also have furniture to shift:
  • Green futon, made from solid wood (2m long, 1,5m when bed, seats three as sofa, large double when flat) - easy to put up and down £150
  • Microwave, good as new £20
  • Black IKEA tall bookcase (60cm wide, 28cm deep, 190cm high) £30
  • Black IKEA tall bookcase (80cm wide, 30cm deep, 2m high) with bottom drawer £30
  • Black tall bookcase (60cm 36cm deep 194 high) £30
  • Brown black wood veneer wardrobe (102cm wide, 188cm tall, 52cm deep, with two drawers at the bottom) with matching chest of drawers (3 drawers) £80 wardrobe, £50 drawers
  • Gorgeous Large black solid ash table, seats 6 comfortably, extends to seat 8-10. 8 Matchng black chairs. (78cm high, 172cm long, 102cm wide) £200 
  • Small two drawer bedside table / small chest of drawers in pale ash wood veneer £30
  • Solid pine chest of drawers £75
  • Pale pink patterned armchair £45
  • Dark brown solid wood John Lewis slatted double bed (£400 new) £100
You will need to come and collect it from Tooting in the next week or so.

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If you can hold it until early June dude then me and Clouds will probably take the bookcases, drawers and wardrobe at least, possibly more!

I've texted you re this and moving dates. x

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